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     My Story

My introduction to art came about on a small island in the Caribbean. Growing up, primarily, all I knew was art. Aside from the stereotypical mindset of children wanting to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or any of those mainstream jobs, I knew at a very young age that art was something that would be with me for the rest of my life. At the age of about six, I understood that art was something anyone was capable of doing. What I hadn't yet understood was the passion, determination, and vitality it took to hone that skill. I first began to take my art career to the next level in the tenth grade. Those earlier years were filled with bliss and creative adrenaline. I was a powerhouse, constantly producing and executing whatever came to mind. My journey consistently evolved as I began to take art more and more seriously. As I progressed, I absorbed everything that encompassed art. I had opportunities that provided me with the privilege of being mentored by some of the most amazing professors and instructors. They assisted greatly in molding me to become the woman and the artist I am today. I overcame trials and frustration through long hours of crafting a forever-determining work ethic.

Presently, my vision is to expand my artistic horizon where I as an individual am concerned, where my race is concerned, and where my tiny country of Antigua can be acknowledged. My inspiration is driven by my constant longing to be heard, heard through any form, theme, or medium of art that I wish to portray. I unconsciously find myself searching for a relationship between my identity and the work I create. Seeking a way to reflect on where I come from, to where I am going. I never knew the path that art would take me on. It allows for a foundation, an escape, a message, a voice. My motivation being this black woman from a small island, is to use these hands and mind that were given to me to force the viewer to notice me and acknowledge whatever my art will convey. Usually, my preferred medium to work with is oil paint due to its easy manipulation. It provides a surface that allows me to be expressive. My process essentially will vary, vary on the day, the subject, and the material. Usually, I work with an oil wipe-out technique, but I am open to doing something completely new on any given day.

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